Do you plan to read Material marked as "OPTIONAL"

Or do you think that reading optional material is a waste of time?

since it will not be tested I strongly recommend to read it all!

i have read some of it since some of it is interesting. plus some of it is related to the required reading and actually helps give you a deeper understanding. some of it is way out of the ballpark though so i ignore that

thanks. I’m not putting much thought into it.

Of course not … will be lucky if I read all the sections that are not ‘optional’

I read most of the option sections until I got to the last couple books where like half the material is optional. Use your discretion, if it’s a short <5 page option section, I would read it, if its longer than that, it might be more effective to skip it and save your brain waves for testable material.

Don’t think I’ll have time. And even if I did it will not be tested anyway; I’d rather spend all of my time and energy nailing the stuff that I need to know.


mike, what I find interesting is how you know which ‘optional’ bits are interesting and which you ignore before reading it?

“NO don’t read it, we’re not here to learn, just to pass tests!!!” I think unless you’re short on time, reading them couldn’t hurt