do you really need to buy a q-bank?

Can I pass just doing the S-notes book 1-3? Just registered and don’t want to spend anymore than I have to. Currently waiting for my CFA L2 results, figure I should just suffer some more for fun but at least this is much less painful. Thanks y’all!

ah that’s where I remember you from…and no, I don’t think a qbank for this is required. 3 books!!!Don’t you mean 2 study books?

Thanks for the reply. Good to hear! One less thing to worry about. Let me clarify: 2 Study Notes books and 1 exam book for a 3 book package…can’t snick anything pass anybody around here…hahaha

Lol…I get apopleptic when I hear stuff like this!!Cease and desist Nep-hi…my beating heart shall not make it past Real Estate at this rate!!

hahaha… you are becoming very poetic now, enjoy the Real Estate!~:)