Do you recycle?

? Rant coming. Stay tuned.

The only thing I recycle is used motor oil. Almost everything else goes in the trash

Do you think we are some kind of animals??

I am now forced to as the company I work for removed all the garbage cans in the office. We now have to walk to some location near the kitchen and filter our trash.

Yes. But that’s only because the city has a one bag per house a week limit on garbage. (We can technically use a second one but it has to be a clear bag so they can inspect what we are throwing out). My rant is someone who has a large family gets the same limit. Also people that drink bottled water and recycle are viewed as heroes whereas people who drink tap water and naturally recycle less are viewed as parasites.

Yes, always try my best to recycle. Don’t see any problems with it.

I can’t understand some of these attitudes towards recycling. Its pretty common here. People get annoyed if they see others not recycling. We even have green bins now to filter out food waste from our garbage. Then again we like nature up here.

^ It’s David Suzuki’s fault.

I recycle at home. Yet oddly they pick up trash weekly, but recycling only bi-weekly. My trash usually consists of two grocery store bags, while the recycle is full of soda bottles, beer cans and bottles.

Yep, all it took was a bit of education and a second bin.

You work for UBS? I heard they did this. I was laughing my axx off when i first heard about it

Recycling is for pussies

Straight trash homie

Penn and Teller say that recycling is Bulls**t.

It takes no extra effort to throw your can into bin #2 instead of bin #1. Why not recycle?


What majority of people don’t know is that only certain type of plastic can be recycled

We may live in the same place, we are phasing in the green bins. I don’t agree with the green bins though. My garage is full of bins. Getting ridiculous.

Yes, until my recycle bin gets full (happens pretty frequently), then everything goes in the trash. I have weekly pick-up for both trash and recycle, but trash bin is gigantic and recycle bin is comparatively small. We have two garbage cans built into our kitchen island, so not really any extra effort to recycle.

If we throw trash in the recycle bin at the office, the custodial company will not collect it.

just recycle. get your lazy ass up and throw the trash into the correct bin. how hard is that

I do my part to keep the environment clean.