Do you regret taking CFA tests?

Level 1 was useful even if I don’t work in the finance industry, level 2 is not so useful… I regret taking level 2, the reasons why I took it was cause I was unemployed earlier in the year(let on my own accord for relocation) and wanted to study something, so might as well. So by the time I was hired and started work it was April, so I just sucked it up and went through the rest of the way… I am also thinking analyst job really ain’t for me… Unless I can find a 50 hour job week paying 100+k US… Definitely was a waste of my time and I won’t be touching L3…


not even if i fail

You should only regret it if you had an alternative activity that would add more to you professional development. It should not depend on passing the exams.

The word ‘regret’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary

go BIG or go home.

bakbakbakgone Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The word ‘regret’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary second that no marginal benefit of regretting

opportunity cost = be with friends, take it easy, enjoy life, chill out… And I don’t think I failed and it matters little to me at this point, I studied my best so I will not regret on my effort. I just regret that I put too much effort into something that wasn’t aligned with my professional development.

regrets I have a few… but this is mainly because I sacrificed myself for this thing. but in the end it’ll pay off when I retire with 35… :slight_smile:

I would never regret no matter I fail or pass. I think I got to learn a lot from level 2 and the leaning was definitely more than level 1 It was overall a wonderful experience

sidd Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I would never regret no matter I fail or pass. > > I think I got to learn a lot from level 2 and the > leaning was definitely more than level 1 > > It was overall a wonderful experience +1

You can only regret taking it if you missed out on a bigger opportunity because of it. You do have to decide how you will benefit from this designation. It’s not going to give your dream job or make you rich, it’s just an exam that somewhat educated person with some free time can take and pass. It’s also not about the designation but about the experience, learning about your abilities and things you like and don’t like. This also keeps your brain active by learning new things. I have never heared a person say “I wish I didn’t learn this…” You never know what you might end up doing. Lastly, it is benefit in itself that you took it and realized that it’s not for you. The only way to find out that something is not for you is to do it. Otherwise you will be guessing for the rest of your life.

“The word ‘regret’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary” I agree in most cases, but on Sunday I definitely “regretted” taking double shots of Cuervo at 6:00am. Still do, as a matter-of-fact.

I picked the answer: a.) do not regret Take another shot.

I just threw up in my mouth at the thought.

Well what is your job now that has led you to regret it?

I dont regret taking L2, but I will not retake L2 if I fail, or take L3 if I pass. Like tsttse, I’m not in the industry. The possibility of switching career at the time is very slim. I always love finanial related stuff, but L2 is too much for that. L1 is enough for gaining the knowledge. I may still pursue CFA after I switch to the industry.

No way! I absolutely love this stuff and I wish I would have found out earlier in my life about finance. I am actually missing the studying - can’t wait for Level 3. (this all sounds sarcastic and in jest, but I’m serious)

+1 sublimity. Not the part about missing studying though :wink:

Remember from Econ theory… There is no opportunity cost to knowledge and it is not subjected to law of diminishing returns… how can you ever think about regretting it when you have studied the above… beats me!