do you remember every single details on the notes?

i think i only remember 50% of them. notes 1 2 3 are ok, 4 and 5 are complete disaster for me. i am going through the notes again.

just have done practice exam using qbank without a calculator, scored 73%, scored 80% for ethics and quant, 100% for eco, 90% for FSR. i had many questions in these sections that i am not sure exactly, but i guessed them right based on some fundmental principles (such as GAAP dont usually allow an upward adjustment in valuation, IPRS does up to the original cost) book 4 and 5 absolutely killed me, 70% for CF, 40% for FI (FI has been the weakeast part for me always) 60% on equity 50% on alternative investment. i am planning to go throught book 4 and 5 again and focus FI section. i find it the most difficult. do people find that as well ?

do you remember every single details on the notes? This is the same as asking Who has seen the question paper of the june 2010 exam My frined, no body can remember every single detail. You should focus on understanding every bit in the books. If u are clear on all the concepts you don’t have to memorize them and you will be able to recall them on exam day. Ofcourse, this is just what I think.

Well there are two types of questions on the exam. There are the hardcore conceptual onces like the first one on the beatthecfa challenge questions thread, and then there are lame ones like: Reversal of a previouly recognized inventory write down is: A. Permitted under both IFRS and US GAAP. B. Permitted under US GAAP but not under IFRS C. Permitted under IFRS but not US GAAP D. Not permitted under both. My point by calling these questions ‘lame’ is that they basically require committing small details to memory. On the Dec exam, there was one about Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient and non parametric tests. Who thought that would be on the exam?!?!