Do you remember

What you studied for the June CFA exam? I seem to have forgotten a lot of it though I am sure it will come back to me if I have a quick glance through.

I seem to have forgotten most of Levels 1 and 2. But as above, I believe that a glance through will bring it back.

Am I the only one or are others in the same boat? I am a bit worried about this lack of instant recall… Maybe the copious amounts of alcohol I drank has impaired my memory severely.

A memory dump was automatically initiated soon as I walked out the test center…while I was not even sure whether I will pass.

The best way to retain what you studied is to review it every month or so. But seeing how I doubt anyone has the will to do that…

Reading through the material, I find it all familiar and take a lot less time to get back up to speed, but I remember the parts I find interesting more. I mentally projectile-vomited pension accounting out of my head the minute I stepped out of my Level III exams.

I suspect the parts that you truly understand will stay for a very very long time, but the parts that you simply did not get and crammed last minute would be the first to be forgotten.

I seem to recall reading that, absent traumatic brain injury, we never actually forget anything, we just “misplace” things within our brains and can find them again with certain techniques if we really want to.

my brain certainly received some traumatic injury at the bar that evening following the exam

Not as much as it will receive in about 4 weeks if you get the right email though???

Or the wrong one…

Either way, enjoy the peace and quiet while u can… If u pass L3, good onya and learn to deal with the emptiness you will experience from not having to study the CFA…

If you fail ( Most Likely I will), get ready to undergo the pain and stress once again!!!

Anyway, the day of judgement will be upon us shortly…

If you fail L3 this time will you retake it in 2013? i am not so sure…probably not…

^ I think it depends. no doubt, there is some luck involved in L3

if I really gave it everything I had and failed, I’d give it one more try.

If I know I’m making half-assed attempts and keep failing, I would blame only myself and keep going.

I think 3 times would be the limit for me in L3, given that it is the last exam. I would probably give L1 or L2 fewer tries.

I will take it till it is done.

CFAI grinning and booby-traps the house: “do you guys give up? or are ya thirsty for more?”

I think Level 3 is very very tricky…

My repeating it would probably depend on the job opportunities… But that being said, I think that the earlier you take it, the easier it is to pass… The longer the gap between exams, the harder it will be to pass…I reckon

Although i studied quite a bit for the 2012 L3 I completely lacked any form of discipline or drive to do it. I did not do a single past paper provided by the CFAI and only made sure that I understood the format of the AM section.It was really guilt rather than genuine interest that pushed me forward.Eventhough L1 was (in hindsight and perhaps a bit unfairly) a bit of a joke, I was much more committed to the syllabus and passing the exam at that time. The CFA programme had at that time some purpose and place in my life. I approached the material with genuine interest and made sure I could walk into the exam room with confidence and purpose even if in the end, passing the exam merely served the depressing purpose of filling a blank space on my CV. I guess prolonged unemployment and other issues erased a large part of that drive or hope and if I cannot find some direction in life, I really cannot justify forking out money for L3 2013…it would just be like ‘going through the motions’ without measuring the steps if that makes sense…Ofcourse I am still hopeful for the results,the chances of passing are dwindling…

sorry for this rant here…but meh its friday the 13th…give me a brake :slight_smile:

Alladin --> Keep pluggin away bro… I am in the same boat as you… But then the moment you give up, all is lost…

yeah sjken…good luck to you too mate

What i forgot is the L2 leasing accounting. The L3 material i’m retaining clearly - pehaps i would sit the exam again next week. However, it depends on your brain load - the material will be refreshing consistently if you work with and apply it. Any brake in the usage wil erase some portion in your memory.

Look, have a pleasure to see a new 100 m man sprint world record in London next month - get yelling your guts out for it! This will remedy your soul a lot. Good luck!