Do you review on Saturday morning?

Good idea or not?

I wake up at 5 am take a good shower eat breakfast shit do 100 pushups and then go over the most difficult derivatives problems and review my notes leisurely with the TV while drinking mountain dew. Not a lot of dew but a decent dose

Well, why not :wink:

I’ll do some last minute review of all the stuff I always forget (prob. around 10 flashcards). But only at breakfast. From 7 a.m., there will be no more studying. I’ll try to calm down and focus, that’s more important in this situation. As last year, I will try to be one of the first in the test room, avoid the crowds and have a few more minutes at the table to relax and trying to be calm.

I usually also show up early mainly so I can pick out the nervous kid dressed up in a suit with a box of sharpened pencils, three calculators, a ton of batteries screwdriver huge eraser and earplugs.



45 mins - 1 hour of soft review. read over definitions, behavioral stuff, maybe some GIPS, a couple formulas.

Not time to calculate anything or even think through something. Too late. Just look it over, take a picture in your head, maybe you’ll retrieve it.

Shower, shit, caffeinate, put everything in car including food who cares if you eat it or not.

Think about execution. Moving quickly, not allowing yourself to get stuck, labeling currencies, using the templates. Get pumped up! Time to shine. After this, several months of NOT GIVING A F*CK. Then when you get results take it from there…not end of world either way…but one outcome is WAAAAAAY better than the other.

I’ll likely sleep around 2 am Saturday morning and wake up around 5 am to do a brief recap of whatever I can get in before 7:45 am and then head to the test center. It doesn’t sound like a great strategy now that I’m typing it out but it’s the one I’ve stuck w/ in the past and felt most comfortable w/.

Lol nah…spend Saturday morning building up my play list for the ride to the test center consisting mostly of the hardest hip hop out there

wow!!! 3hrs sleep like a boss

Let relax on Sat. morning. Make your review on Fri. evening. That’s my idea.