do you seeking alpha?

i love it. ever since they shut down google finance, or were talking about it. i moved the entire portfolio. im able to organize by stocks with the biggest changes. see portfolio news through my phone. see transcripts. catch on earnings. view slides. they source current news in almost all outlets. so u get a ton of breaking news. i luv it.

i use their Wall Street Breakfast from them to catch some headlines when i take a piss in the morning

put your portfolio there. get the app on your phone. turn on notifications. thank me later!

Does it work for microcap? Seeking alpha doesn’t have articles on most of what I buy

^ You specialize in microcap? Which stocks do you hold?

definition of microcap is anything under 2 bil right? just checked one of the microcaps i was thinking of buying. and yep, they got articles, transcripts, earnings summaries, etc.

I primarily do bank stocks. My top three by size right now are pkbk, istr, and frba.

2 billion sounds like small caps. Microcap tend to be like lower than 500 million