do you study at work?

is it ok to study the exam materials during working hours??

No, that would be impossible.

if you can, do it me - no chance

it is possible, but get distracted all the time by the ppl pass-by and sudden call…

I’m studying at work now!! Unfortunately they made me with until 11pm on Tuesday…

i try to. doesn’t work

i have given up trying, have had to give up my lunch hour to work in the last month or two.

I have been. I pretty much haven’t done anything “above and beyond” for the last couple months. I feel bad not asking for more work because the analyst next to me is completely swamped…but he’s a charterholder, so I think he understands.

Its too difficult to get quality studying done at work for me.

i sneak an hour in, its pretty mediocre on quality but at least its a look.

All the time, especially now that we are in a slow period. Sometimes it is less efficient and there are distractions, but that’s what conference rooms are for. Also, I keep flashcards next to me and just read through a few when I have some time here and there.

I bang a few mini qbank sessions at work. It’s definitely good for the soul.