do you think CFAI mock2 is tooooo easy??

i did schweser vol6,7 , CFAI 3 samples and mock1 never score higher than 80% but in mock2, i not only finish it within 2.5hrs, but also score 87%!!! (with mock1 74%) I think CFAI make such an easy mock to let us be more confident to enter the exam centre

yes, this is a conspiracy to make everyone who takes it become complacent and therefore stop studying prematurely, resulting in a deflated pass rate --> high prestige of the charter maintained. [haha … im just kidding guys]

not sure for u!! mock 1 75% and mock 2 78.5% -very consistant for me. (i am poor in econmics, alternative investment & concept questions for equity security markets) all samples are from 72-75% Schweser exam 1 morning 76% mine is really consistant…the stuff i don’t know i still don’t know…can’t spend more time on picking small stuff but review the major concepts…

have to disagree on this. i scored high 70s for mock 1, and when i clicked submit, i actually felt pretty good, and indeed not much surprise, other than econ of 50% i just finished mock 2, and there were at least 5 questions that i have never seen/done before, and lots uncertainties in other questions, i thought this one would be close, and indeed i got 72% timing wise, i have to agree, i have abt 30 min to spare. would love to hear other members comments between these 2 mocks

I did finish Mock 2 with about 20 minutes to spare, but I still failed the thing and do not think either of the mocks were “easy”. And most definitely not “too” easy… Remember there are plenty of people on this board who have been studying like crazy for this thing for months and are still struggling to raise their scores into the passing zone. I am genuinely hoping the mocks were more difficult than the actual exam. I am also hoping many of the questions and topics will be repeated tomorrow. That way I can at least get some value from having forked over $180 and not been able to see which questions I got wrong, or the actual questions. At this point I will need all the luck I can get to get a passing score tomorrow…got sick earlier in the week and am not sure how I’ll be feeling tomorrow.

I’m glad you found it “easy” but I’m sure that is not the case for a lot of people. I have been studying very hard for 6 months and I got 60% on Mock 2, so in answer to your question, no I didn’t think it was too easy!