Do you think I have a chance starting today?

How are all you freaks that decided to start two weeks ago doing? I hope you realize now what a dumb idea that was.

i doubt they going to respond to this…

You’re not helping. Let them come and pull the curve down.


You should wait until June 2 to make this thread.

I’d wait till tomorrow to start: don’t want to peak too early.

I think its best to get that massage followed by a steak dinner tomorrow evening before starting.

You def do not want peak early.

Hahahaha. I think you got a chance if you really grind.

I probably don’t fall into that category, but am close; I started 8 weeks ago.

That said, I have logged close to 500 hours so far. I’m averaging around 70% - 75% on practice tests (7 of them). I need to do a couple more macro attribution examples and review my notes one more time, but overall feeling okay. We’ll see in 40 hours!

I bet if I started this exact same thread, the flamers would be out in full force.

Around 15 hours a day? Hardcore, man.

Starting today for the June 2014 exam? I think you have a great chance.

Not quite. More like 10 hours/day …(only 60 hours/week).

Unlike most of you guys, I have not been working this year.

So, I feel like I have no excuse for not passing.

Lots of respect for people that can balance both!