Do you think our financial system is under terrorist attack?

Before you laugh this off, think about it first. Our economy essentially revolves around the financial system, and the stability of it comes in-line with the stability of our nation. Quite simply, the most effective way to hurt US the most, in the mind of the extremists, would be to attack the financial system. How were they involved, I have no idea. Discuss?

Dude stop watching Armageddon!!

Picco Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Before you laugh this off, think about it first. I thought about it… and now I will laugh it off.

yup … but terrorist being … the greenspan, paulson, benanke, and cox …

the terrorists are American consumers.

I remember reading awhile back about our financial system being a target for terrorists. In this situation though how could you see that occuring? I simply do not buy it.

Instead of Paulson we need Spider Man!

If anything it would be local terrorists(the govt) perpetrating the whole thing as a ploy to expand the already ginormous government. Socialism here we come, or here we are.

i think wall st just saved al qaeda some serious money.and some more virgins in heaven can keep their virginity intact