Do you think results will come out today?

I checked my profile at the CAIA site and it says test graded results pending and tomorrow will be two weeks. Not feeling very good about passing but would like to get this over with. It’s way better than waiting for CFA results though.

I had read somewhere on the CAIA site that results for L2 come out Oct 26th. I think L1 results are scheduled for Oct 12th - although I can’t seem to find that info on the new website format.

Yep, I read the 12th too for L1. The website change seems to be at an curious time – since everyone is waiting for results – but it looks and works a lot better.

Ah I see just like some of the questions that they asked on the test. They say within two weeks of window closing but now it’s three. Oh well what’s done is done. Thanks guys