Do you use question bank?

Can someone please shed some light? I’m scheduled to take Level 1 in June 1014, and I downloaded a few 2013 question banks. I’d like to find out whether or not they will be any helpful? I know that the material will change every year, but I’m aware that there are some core topics that will not change much. What do you think?

You are right. No will will get upset, if you knew little extra. :slight_smile:

@doctortt…I used Schweser Q Bank on 5th Dec for practicing FRA because I was not so sure about it.I practiced 120 questions of it in an exam like seating.The quality of their questions for LI is really good and very close to the actual exam.At present FRA is the only topic in which I have not made any mistake(According to me).Go ahead with Q Bank.There was time constraint for me so I had only one day time for Q Bank and I gave it for FRA.If you have time then solve every part from it.There will be no way then that you will not cross the line…!!:slight_smile:


I used it. It is good for drilling concepts but many of their questions are just so easy. repetitive and not like the quesitons that come in mock or exams. If you wanna use qbank then focus on doing the advance questions. Also, use qbank only in initial the months of your study and devote the rest of your time to cfai questions and mocks.

One can set the QBank to moderate to difficult settings and avoid all easy ones.

yeah they’re easier but good to get the basic concepts down