Do you wash your hands?

We were all taught to when younger. I rarely have a good 30 sec wash unless I’m at the gym or church or something. I almost never get sick and feel like this push towards cleanliness often leads to an immune system not capable of handling the modern world.

Its almost a self fulfilling cycle.

You are super clean and anxious about cleanliness >> immune systems lowered >> likely to catch more diseases

which reinforces the fact that you are susceptible to diseases and keep a high amount of cleanliness

I only wash after #2. I know better than to get piss on my hands during #1.

I wash. The entire midsection contains e-coli as demonstrated by studies. E. coli is bad


i started a thread on this somewhere. Maybe I’ll look it up tomorrow.

i wash my hands before i touch my piece.

I wash everytime.

i dont touch anything in a bathroom. thats how Howard Hughes I get.

I believe that was the one where bchad explained that we should still wash up after going tinkle because of urine vapor.

you mean Mr. Burns. haha.