Dodge and Cox

What is the general consensus on these funds? I am in their international fund (DODFX) and have done quite well as of late.

I believe they only manage four funds, and they do a good job. Seem to be well respected in the industry. I’m more familiar with their bond fund. Don’t know anything specific about the international one.

they are a conservatively run value bunch. DODFX is by far their best offering.

It think they sub a fund for Wellington or Vanguard too, probably kind of a similar model to Barrow Hanley (if you’re familiar). I never pay for anything that sounds like “cocks”.

They have a balanced, stock, international, global, and income fund. The global stock fund is relatively new. I’d stay away from the balanced and stock fund. They haven’t done so hot lately.

I think they are one of the better value managers out there. . . but are deep value.

I always make it a point to follow the advice implied by their name

They are absolutely not deep value at all. They are relative value and they use a team approach with emphasis on cash flow and earnings growth. They are solid managers, but they are not absolute return focused. The international has about 22% in ems, that makes it easier for them to outperform EAFE. They derive the bulk of their outperformance from stock selection.