Does anybody know what is Schweser Audio series ?

Hello, Does anyone has any experience with Schweser Audio series ? How is it ? Is it worth ? Any experience comment would be great. -Regards

Yup, I used them for Level I last year. They’re basically the Schweser books an audio-book, you can listen to them for instance while driving to/from work, or to help you concentrate while reading the textbook. Whether or not it will be worth it for you is up to you to decide.

Hello, Did u pass ? If you did, can u contribute to audio ? -Cheers,

the mp3’s are ok for the most part, especially if you’ve covered the material previously and are just using them for review… they’re harder to follow for the more quant based stuff though

I think they’re teriffic for those who have a long commute in the morning. I personally can’t stand the monotone voice though. I tried to listen to it during my workouts, but it just made me depressed.

The audio series is awesome, I put much of my comfortable pass in level 1 down to it. I constantly had it on my iPod, on the way to work, in bed, and after work when my eyes hurt from too much computer all day. I ordered it again as an extra to the premium package for level 2. Again, highly highly recommended.

I just ordered the audio for level 1. I have the video too and that is mint. For me its helpful to have something explained first and then go back and review/practice on my own.