Does anyone else feel like...

… he has forgotten everything learned so far? As you may guess I’m a little stressed by the sheer volume of the material (CFA Level I) and the things we have to know to pass the exam. During my first reading of the curriculum (for FRA and Ethics) and Schweser (for the rest of the topics) I did understand everything quite easy but now I have the worrying feeling I have forgotten almost everything. That’s the main reason I’ve decided to delay taking mock exams and start revising and doing Qbank questions.

How are you doing? For those who have already taken the exam - is that normal or I’ve done something wrong (like not proper study methodology) and I have to put additional hours in my preparation hereafter? Any tips or reccommendations?

It’s very normal…

U hit your head and got amnesia?

It’s normal. That’s why you make sure u finish the readings with a couple months to spare and hammer home practice questions and practice exams.

You’re doing the right thing, quizzing yourself using QBank. that should get some of your confidence back. Once you master those questions, try the EOC and blue box from Schweser and CFAI. Then walk up whistling to the exam and pass with flying colors.

Like others have said it’s definitely normal. Doing the QBank will point out your weak areas to go back over. You’ll be surprised on how quickly you can relearn a lot of the material.

It’s very normal. As soon as you brush up and review, it will come to you quicker.

I felt the same. I had to go through the material 3 times on each level before I knew it cold.

forgetting everything in L1 stuff is weird. it’s pretty broad / shallow level stuff. forgetting L2 is more understandable, it’s much more specific

^ so your level 1 experience was different.

I think it depends on prior education background. It’s a lot of new material if someone had not studied finance before.

Life just comes easier for some… Itera happens to fall it to that camp (or so he thinks).

That’s why I like starting early so I have time to reread everything again. When I studied for L3, I started in September.

keep trucking through the material. there’ll come a point where you’ll mentally categorize and prioritize the material (especially lev 1). same goes for l2, but a huge portion of l2 is do-able purely from muscle memory. bang the calculator enough times and your hands will do the work for you.

but most importantly : as test date nears, god will grant you the audacity to flip the bird on the low priority details. haha.