Does anyone else wished they included QUANT and FRA in level 3

does anyone else wished they included quant and FRA in level 3 instead of this bullshit portfolio shit thats so vague. I wouldnt mind if they had stochastic probability processes, actuarial math or quantum physics in Quant methods and some Auditing readings in FRA that would actually make us qualified to be a Chartered Accountant in case FA part of the CFA didnt turn out to be useful for us… lets hear it haters

Why such the strong opinion? You haven’t even read the Level III curriculum, yet.

if you dont like portfolio analysis then you should seriously consider going after some other certification that focuses on accounting or quant. This one doesnt. I guess its not for you.

LOL, pierre. You’re in the wrong program. Good that you found out before the L3 exam, huh?

I love portfolio management. The reason why I enrolled. I am already a chartered accountant, so more of FRA won’t do me much good. Also, If I needed to know more statistics, I will consider msc in quant. The little statistics that we have been taught on the CFA is just enough to make me a good portfolio manager.

I read behavioral finance and private wealth.

CFA = C. Financial Analyst not C. Portfolio Manager I did choose the right designation its just that this designation is teaching the wrong stuff this level.

I second quant and math stuff, though Pierre, physics is too much, but a little bit will not hurt. This will make the test more challenging and will lower the high pass rates. What is this 5% of quant in level II? and that’s it? and everything else humanitarian BS. Disappointing. CFAI needs to differentiate better as too many candindates sit the test and though the pass rates remain the same, too many pass because the quanity of exam-takers is high.

Hate me.

If you don’t care for reading “BPS”, as you so eloquently put it, why didn’t you sign up for FRM instead?

i sometimes think it would be much better testing cfa material using modular exams,with each module dedicated to one or two particular topics in greater detail.This would change the memory fest that is the current 6 hr exam format to something more specialised…there is loads of wishy-washy in L3 which really doesn’t get you anywhere…but then again the programme is intended as a comprehensive INTRODUCTION to everything finance…so caveat emptor i guess.

Wait a second - what do you mean by FRA? In my experience that generally refers to forward rate agreements, and I think that was covered in CFA L3…perhaps I’m misinterpreting the acronym.

I was thinking about how much I was going to miss the L2 Derivatives & FRA mindf*cks. Quant not so much because it was more like rules than anything else.

Guys, grow up!

You ain’t gonna be a number cruncher for life. Some of you sound like fresh grads. At a more senior level, you do not need to crunch numbers as you have analysts to do that. You just need to interpret the figures and make decisions. The level 3 is more of that!

yea… i second the quant part. I’ve done harder stats in 3rd year UG than the L2 quants.

OP . you have only passed level I. How are you commenting on level 2 quant?

that aside i completely agree with your statements. they should have 2 SS in each of the topic areas on quant. even ethics should have 2 ss on quants as applicable to ethics scenarios.

For example an exam problem could ask about the degree of violation of Code and standards. " the answer could be " He violated the the code and standards by 67.5% / 83.75% /27.69%" choose the appropriate one.

Jesus, no, I think it’s good that they front end all that core stuff so you can get it over with. If level 3 were full of impossible shit, the program would be much more sadistic. I’m very happy that level 3 was an easy step up from level 2 which was just miserable.

Pierre, I’m a fan of your non cfa work.

Yeah, that’s def what they need to do to make ethics even more ridiculous!