Does anyone feel that they are going to ace the exam

No matter how much I study, no matter how many times I review the material again, and again, and again, there always seems to be some knowledge outside my grasp. With one month to go, there are still some questions that baffle me. Does anyone feel that they grasp everything, or is everyone in a similar boat?

I’d say that I comfortably feel that I’m going to ace the exam. I’ve read all the texts. I’ve done all the questions. I’ve taken all the mocks. I’ve written two mocks, for fun - as in, I composed mock exams, for other candidates to take. So far, no one has gotten close to my score on these exams, which, naturally, was 100%. Additionally, I had time left on all the mocks I took, and I used that time to do some charity work, which keeps me grounded. I’ve corrected all errata in the Schweser notes for the 2010 Level 3 curriculum. I then got bored and went back and did levels one and two as well. For all years. Since Schweser’s inception. I’ve already synthesized the entire CFAI curriculum into my autonomic nervous system. I can calculate currency effects, hedge ratios, and pension asset betas without actually needing to think on a conscious level. True story: Lately, I have found myself sitting bolt upright in bed, awaking suddenly from sleep, with the answer to a Qbank problem pouring out of my mouth. I will fire up my laptop on these occasions, and upon checking my work - inevitably - I am right.


Supersadface, That sounds like a good idea, I should embark on a pilgrimage to a holy native american site where I can do a sweatlodge and see my GIPS totem after 4 days of sleep, food, and water deprivation. After that, I can hallucinate and the answers will swirl around me in colourful designs. It should work.

could you please overnight ups me the mocks you wrote?

Feeling like shite as usual, just like levels 1 & 2 (but I obviously passed those just fine). Starting exam book 2, taking the mock this week, feeling like alot is still outside my grasp. Tough dealing with work and family on the side as usual. I’ve put off alot of things in order to study for these exams an its like holding back a dam. Not only am I losing my mind (my wife has literally woken up to me “singing” formulas in my sleep), but I am going to loose my mind when this crap is over. 31 more nights of extreme sleep depravation and stress. . . . Bring it on. … . .

i know nothing.

Have been reading the text since August last year, and still feel lots of things out of my grasp. Confidence level is much lower than when I did L1 and L2…

This test is the worst one. This is so frickinng tough.

Just wondering why are we doing all these??? Is this because of our love in finance? I sometimes ask myself and get no answer.

The format leaves a lot more room for a lot of left tail. I can’t help but feel like I’m rolling the dice.

I actually feel strangely calm…I’ve gone through the curriculum twice, taken and reread my notes. I have done Schweser Practice exams 1 and 2 and the 2007 CFA AM session. So far I have scored everthing comfortably above 70% and with a month to go, I feel ok. Strangely enough, it is exactly this sense of calm which is starting to panic me a little bit…maybe I am totally underestimating the whole thing??? My plan is to keep plodding away with practice exams and Q-bank, re-reading and updating notes along the way. The only thing that I really, really HATE is GIPS! How on earth am I supposed to remember what’s required and what’s recommended. It’s ridiculous!