Does anyone have an idea on realistic partial credits ?

Example 1 ) Say there is a question about calculating the returns on a foreign hedged portfolio (where you calculate the foreign returns, translate them using Spot, then add the return on the Fwd currency hedge).

One of the foreign assets decreases by 20 %. Except that like an ass, multiply by 1.20 instead of 0.80 to get ending value.

Otherwise I nail everything. How much partial credits do you give to that ? I gave myself 2/5. Sounds reasonable ?

Example 2) Now, there is an example about calculating the rebalancing ratio. Everything goes well, until I realise that, like the stupid ass that I am, I messed up the sum of the Current Dollar Duration. Must have typed something wrong on my calculator. Like an ass. So, since I nail everything else, I award myself 3/5. Sounds reasonable ?

partial credit is something you have to leave to fate.

it might be better to give yourself a 0 for these questions - be hard on yourself while grading … and leave whatever comes up from the graders as a bonus.

think in terms of “what if” i had not made those mistakes.

in terms of calculations - unless you have the formula listed, written out the numbers (substitution) accurately, and then gotten a wrong answer - I do not see much scope for awarding partial credit.

e.g. someone just wrote a direct answer - and got it wrong - 0 points

someone wrote a series of numbers without a formula - got it wrong - do not see why I should give any score - you are not showing me what you know, and why I should give you any points