Does anyone know if Schweser sells PDF of Secret Sauce?

I AM NOT ASKING FOR ILLEGAL MATERIALS. Obviously their offices are closed today. I relied heavily on Secret Sauce for Levels I and II but forgot to order it for level III. Even with overnight shipping, it would not be here til Wednesday. I was wondering if anyone knows if they sell a PDF version (so I could just print it out)? For some reason I thought they did in the past but can’t find it on the site. Thanks, Phil

No, as far as I know.

thanks… guess i’ll do the overnight, thank you to my employer.

There is the 2009 SC floating around the meet if you want to get a head start. I’m reading it right now actually. I didn’t find it too helpful for level 2 but it gives a good general overview of the material.

yes they used to sell a PDF, I bought it for 2009 LII but you are right, didn’t seem to be an option on the site when I ordered the book.