Does anyone "predict" the PM portion based on the AM section

Hey all,

Did some snooping on the CFAI site and came across this:

“On the Level II (and III) exams, some topics are covered in the morning session only and other topics are covered in the afternoon session only.”

Obviously, studying during the lunch break will only provide a benefit in the luckiest of circumstances (i.e. they ask a question on the PM portion that you happened to just glance at and otherwise would have not gotten correct unless by guessing), but I bring my notes to take a quick glance during my lunch break anyways. That said, has anyone considered and gamed the upcoming topics based on the AM? Again, not sure how much value that would add – I’m thinking a situation is which a topic (say derivatives) had no questions on the AM, and Alt. Inv. had 2 item sets. In that situation, I would direct my attention to reviewing Derivatives at lunch and not bother looking at AI. At best an approach that may help gain a question or two.

Thoughts? I’m probably over thinking, but I’m pretty sure I have mild, self diagnosed OCD.

its true that if they havent asked a topic AM, they will ask i PM, I could revise during lunch break but given my experience after 3 hour exam, i want to give my mind some rest so that I give my best in the next 3 hours

I dont think putting pressure during lunch time will help me imho. I will better utilize these 29 days and forget about any of these situations.

dude, L1 I got a hotel room with late checkout. my priority between a.m. and p.m. was:

  • eat delicious energy-food
  • bury head in pillow to clear it
  • shower, brush teeth, feel refreshed

My prority in the exam pause:

  • smoke half a pocket of tobacco
  • drink 1 l of water
  • drink coffee without sugar
  • eat sandwich


If you think it might help you there’s nothing wrong with it. For me, I’ll be walking into the exam in the morning with all the ability I’m going to have to pass it. Like in previous years, I’ll be sitting in my car, listening to some relaxing music and eating lunch during the break. I may skim over some notes while I eat but that’s about it.

Relaxing music?

I am watching 300 the night before and on my way to the exam hall I am cranking up some Rammstein.

During the break I am ordering some raw meat and a glass of warm blood.


You savage! cheeky

^ This is solid advice for the noobs