Does anyone recomend good books?

Hi everyone,

I enjoy good books. I already read really good books collections such as “Games of thrones” ( George R.R. Martin ) and “The century Trilogy” (Ken Follet).

I enjoyed these books first at all beacause they have multiples characters and no only one that interact among them.

The century trilogy tells about the 1st and 2nd world war. Characters that tells the story in some part died in other.

Game of thrones also describe war, but have “Tyrion Lanniter” a smart motherf*cker character.

Anyone knows books like these or know Reader forum ??

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We’ve had multiple threads on good reading material and I’m sure CvM or Greenie will link or bump them for you.

In the meantime, based on what you appear to like, you have to check out Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law Trilogy.

It’s similar to GoT but much faster paced and few characters (like, less than the 10,000 that are in ASOIAF). There’s action from start to finish and some great characters. I can’t recommend it enough for people like me that are waiting (and waiting) for The Winds of Winter (the next ASOIAF book).

Here are a few books that I liked:

We are made of corn:

I read this before it became a movie, for serious:

Also, what are the odds that GRR Martin is running the most elaborate trolling plan in history? That is, in the final book, just as the dragons/zombies/ghosts are about to fight, suddenly aliens and Jurassic Park appear and eat everyone. Also, the entire series is a dog’s dream. The fan boy rage would probably cause a miniature black hole to appear somehow, but since whatever he writes is canon, no one can argue - too bad! That’s what I would do if I was him.


Everyone is wanting “wind od winters”. But george is more worried making more than neccesary money than entering to the history of good writers.

Being optimistic, he realese the book on 2017. but before he finished the series of HBO. George is like tywin lannister.

You may enjoy the Saxon Stories, by Bernard Cromwell. Nowhere near as complex or gritty as ASOIAF but still a decent story.

There is a set of audio books narrated by Maester Pycelle, not to be missed.

I get the love for GOT, I held out long enough before finally succumbing and I was sold by the first episode when Tyrion walks up to Snow and say’s "So you’re Ned Stark’s Bastard?, I’m sorry did I offend you?".

But if you want to go outside the fantasy genre and are interested in events that have shaped the world I really recommend Ryszard Kapuscinski. Some of his passages are just brilliant.

"_ The man standing at the edge of the crowd looks at the policeman with a cautious look tinged with fear but at the same time with disdain. He looks insolently at uniformed authority and as he looks around he sees the same expression on people’s faces. Like his, their faces are watchful, fearful but already firm and unrelenting. This is the moment fear vanishes and this is the moment a revolution starts." _

Cormac McCarthy - every book is gold


Benjamin Graham (had to…but many of his lines read like poetry)


Adam Smith (Technically non-fiction because nobody can eat that much corn or trade that many shoes…)


Kite Runner (Recommended to me by an unemployed recent [2 years] grad who insisted that her sarcasm warrants that I pay her drinks…so be cautious but I am sure it’s good)

Dante Alghieri - The Divine Comedy is beautiful

Read Mohammeds Auto-Biography - many lessons on persistence and a spectacular cultural insight

Hemingway is cool if you’re into really simple red-light reading, errmmm 405 traffic reading I mean

John Maxwell