Does anyone think sometimes the correct MC answer is not there?

I was reading a post from a while ago where someone said they thought the correct answer was not there. Thinking back, I feel like there was one question at every single level that was relatively easy…but the answer I got was not there. Like a solve std dev of a two asset portfolio, or Gordon growth question (not saying these were tested, but giving a gauge of ease i.e. certainly should have got these questions right).

Anyone else have a similar experience, where they were very familiar with a topic and the answer just seemed to not be a choice?

^these are the “tricks” everyone refers to

Some Level II candidates appear to have had.

You fell in the trap…

just that…trapped.

go on and marinate on that for a minute.

{trumpets blazing}

what if all your answers were there as MC, but didn’t have “ah ha!” moment? probably just as…trapped?

and how about a situation when you feel all the choices are correc, apparentlyt!? :slight_smile: