Does anyone use Intex here?

What does Intex do? What do people usually use it for? I’m interested in a job which requires experience with Intex. Thank you!

You won’t get a job that requires intex unless you know intex, especially in this environment. it’s a mortgage modeling application. You define collateral characteristis (the actual loans) on a line by line basis, and it allows you to create cash flows that test various bond settings (i.e. six pack, subordination, overcollateralization), incorporate rating agency loss ratings (which are completely useless these days). The only people using intex for the most part are ABS/MBS bankers and trading desks. If you don’t even know what intex is how can you want a job in it? I mean you can figure out what it is just by googling it!

June. Where are you located? Intex is also used by insurance companies and PMs btw.

and by any shop that needs cashflows and analytics for CMOs, ABSs, CDOs etc.

Thank you guys for your information, I found a friend and used his license to see what it is, it has so many details, for each deal, every tranche, collateral, trigger, etc. I’m overwhelmed.

June: Looks like ethics won’t be your best subject on the exam. Regardless, you shouldn’t post that on a public forum tkchunc: What do you do in Fixed Income.

I work at an ib abs desk.

Tkchunc, Can you email me at aol.