does cfa help on B-school admit

hi if ne one has ne idea coudl they divulge if the cfa levels add some weight to ur b-school application actually its important for me i hav a call for an indian mba(iim) this yr… n i m pursuin my cfa i would wan to do a global mba tho

If you expect your question to be answered intelligently, please post your question in the same manner.

IMHO, CFA doesn’t worth much to any places other than your employers and that is only if they want to look good to customers.

If your question is any indication, no, it won’t be much help

just grab the deal… Anything from IIM would be unbeatable. I contemplate doing my MBA after this CFA too, and this thread is not making me all that happy. I better logoff from here.

You should probably pursue the English language

lol. funny to see people get worked up about poor English on an online forum. welcome to the SMS generation ,people!

You’re not sending text messages, you’re typing on a keyboard. When it comes down to it you can type your question in whatever manner you’d like, but to prossetti’s point, you’ll get a lot more (serious) answers if you show a modicum of effort in posting.

I don’t think CFA is going to hurt but other things are still important (GMAT, references, etc)

I don’t think I type like an idiot if I tried.

ratul Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I don’t think I type like an idiot if I tried. but your grammar is not fantastic, is it? lol

Look it another way, it is good to have people like luckyme to bring us comic relief. :smiley: