Does CFAI automatically change membership status after 48 months?

I’m certain this question has already been asked but after a number of searches I could not find the answer. So sorry for the repeat action here. I have 47 months accepted on CFAI website, which is the amount of work experience I had when I filled everything out a few months back. However I am still at the same job and am now well past the 48 month mark. Will CFAI automatically change my membership over to regular from affiliate and change the amount of work experience accepted on the website or do I need to email them or some crap like that. I should also add that I just passed level 3 in june so they might be in the process of working on it. I appreciate your input.

once the time has come you will have to send them a quick email or a call, they will then check it out and award you the charter

Thanks…I’ll give them a few months then send an email. Is it me or is this system the CFAI follows not very clear? There should be transparency about all this.