Does CFAI underestimate the time needed to study?

They suggest 18 weeks, 15 hours? ~ 270 hours. what do you guys think?

Totally but I guess they also assume that most of the test takers are working in financial industry (research, port manager etc) and know some of the stuff already.

270 a week

For L3 I think I will be well above the 250 hour mark but that is because I cant stomach the thought of failing

gross under-estimation … atleast 400 - 450 hrs

CFAI claims that those who pass on average spend 300 hrs with the books! I have heard of one who spent 900 hrs…not try beating that

CFAI claims that those who pass on average spend 300 hrs with the books! I have heard of one who spent 900 hrs…now try beating that

Yes definately - I think the average would be closer to 400 hrs. Some of us (like me) need even more…

I studied about 170hrs last year and failed band 10 and so far have put in bout 70hrs this year hoping to get my hours to 200hrs this year so another 130 hrs in the next 44 days. I think it all depends on effectiveness of your studies and your background. You can study 1,000 hours and fail if you are not doing effective studying and have no background in the material!

yeah I think that’s an underestimation - considering that fact that a practice exam takes ~ 6 hours to complete plus another ~ 2-4 hours correcting/reviewing. So you could probably spend close to 100 hours just on practice tests.

For 1 and 2 it was about 400 hours for me… I expect about the same for level 3

Logically, a gross underestimation of the average person. N.VanC is most definitely an outlier. Where do they get these numbers? Who are they sampling and how are they controlling for accuracy? I think most people like to brag about how little they study. Perhaps as artvandalay brought up, do not include time spent on practice tests. I like to think that I’m average in terms of intelligence. Actually, in comparison to other colleagues who are in the program at my work, I am above average. I studied significantly above the “average” hours for L3 last year. I failed it. I am adamant and proud to say that I spend a lot of time studying! So there- I am being honest. But this year as a re-taker, I’m definitely putting in a lot less.

I think you see a lot of candidates (including myself) fail because we are underprepared. I think AFers on average study more than the recommended hours and hence have higher pass rates. Believe me guys I wish I had the time and discipline to study 250+ hours and if I fail again this year (very likely based on my study progress so far) I will then have to start early and hammer out some serious hours next year but it’s always easier said than done given working full time long hours and trying to have a personal life too. I have a lot of respect for you guys who put in so much time into it and really wish I could do the same but I have been lacking the time and concentration these past 2 years. I did put in fair amount of time for Level 2, probably close the recommended; definitely over it if you consider the year I failed (which again was due to understudying).