Does every country get the same exam?

What if an exam taker from the 1st time zone (Japan) calls his friend during his lunch break or after the exam in the last time zone (Alaska) and tells him the topics that were in the itemset questions.

I suggest you immeditely send an email to Please update this thread with your findings.

The exam has been taken for 50 years I’m sure they have security in place by now to prevent things like this happening i.e changing the exam from Sunday to Saturday this year for aussies/nz

I read on the CFAI website (looking for the link now) that it’s common practice to administer a slightly more difficult exam in Spain and France. I hear it’s an attempt to minimize the French contingent in the CFA membership pool. Can anybody help me with the source? I know this is a FACT.

Probably the order of AM/PM is different - The guys in the first time zone get the AM exam first which then serves as the PM exam for those guys in the last time zone. The exam itself is a 6 hour exam and you will need at least 2 hours to get in and prepare in the morning. A candidates overall presence on the exam venue will probably be close to 9 hours, if you then consider that CFA Institute may choose to switch their exams between AM and PM, it is not clear that time zones may provide sufficient advantage to a single candidate.

The niece of the neighbour of the second wife of my sister’s brother in law confirmed. She’s a waitress in a small-town diner, so she gets all the good gossip first.

I have contacts at the CFAI and I’ve been told that they have a special agreement with the CIA to monitor all worldwide communications during the day of the exam. All of the world’s satellite, cellphone, internet, mail and pigeon communications are analyzed during the day to prevent any communications between CFAI candidates.

I heard the CFAI is going to stop offering the exam in France. They say the amount of armhair is absolutely disgusting, and that the exam rooms smell of shit after each session. True story.


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