Does GARP post previous exam questions anywhere?

Does GARP post previous exam questions anywhere? I found 2009, 2010, and 2011 exam questions. I was hoping to find the previous years as well. Does anyone know where to look? I am aware of the Schweser books and the Bionic Turtle books for practice exams but I was hoping to find the official sources especially since people often criticize the third party questions. Thanks for any info.

GARP publishes a free booklet every year called the “FRM Examination Study Guide”… sounds like you’ve maybe already got this. Don’t be lulled into thinking that the actual exam questions will be that straightforward though: I think you will find the current exam to be much more challenging than the old questions that GARP publishes. I found Schweser’s “FRM Final Review Exam” and “FRM Practice Exam Book” to be on-par with the difficulty of the actual exams (I wrote FRM1 in Nov 2010, and FRM2 in May 2011). I don’t know about Bionic Turtle.

You can find the old FRM exam questions on the FRM Handbook by Jorion. I used the Bionic Turtle resources and found the videos and questions created by David Harper to be excellent and at part with the actual exam questions. Good luck!