Does HP12C Platinum give you the wrong standard deviation for Reading 7 Example 11?

Have any of you tried solving Example 11 of Reading 7 using HP12c Platinum?

I’ve answered both questions 1 and 2 of Example 11 using the HP12c Platinum. I got the answer for question 1 which is a mean of 53, but I got a standard deviation of 98.7145 instead of a 94.51.

I’ve tried solving with excel just to check whether the book is wrong, and it turns out its 94.51 is really the answer.

So I tried inputting and solving for the SD several times in my financial calculator just to make sure I didn’t input the wrong numbers. I still got a 98.7145(And the HP12c’s user guide said that it gives the best estimates of the population standard deviation).

What am I suppose to do with this?

I just found it

Just guessing, but it sounds like the difference between the sample STDEV and the population STDEV.

You are right about that.