Does internship or contract work qualify as work experience?

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I couldn’t find a clear, credible answer on this.

Does internship or contract work (full-time but on temporary basis) count towards the 4 year requirement?

Thanks in advance.

For sure internship does ( i don’t see why not?) but not sure about contract work if it’s too short and you have no way of verifying it.

If contract work is ongoing and 50% of it is related to making investment decisions or usin material in the curriculum, that can count. CFAI accepted mine.

Thank you bchad. Solid answer as always.

It was basically tagging line items in financial statements for a market vendor (think bloomberg, factset, etc).

I had been looking for answers everywhere for this and learnt the truth through my own experience. Therefore i am adding my input to every thread with this question to help other LIII passers - Yes relevant full time internship counts, just like other jobs. At least it is true for 2014.