Does it mean only people who graduated from....

Top tier schools have a shot at getting research analyst jobs?

No, but it makes it a lot easier. All of the major banks recruit at a handful of target schools. Being at one of those, it is still a very competetive process, but much easier than if you’re coming from a non-target.

of course all kinds of people can get good jobs. but graduating from a top school greatly improves your chances…

Agreed with topher and FIAnalyst. It is competitive to get those jobs anywhere and even though your chances are improved at a top school because of the recruiting system there, it’s very tough as you are measured versus your peers. On the other hand, it is definitely possible to get a front office finance job from a non-target school as long as you’re very proactive and a stellar candidate. Yes, you are clearly better positioned at a target school for a whole host of reasons, but the bottom line is, you have to be of the mindset to go all-out regardless of what school you’re from.

How about CFA, Does it help non top schools graduate?

ssdnola Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Top tier schools have a shot at getting research > analyst jobs? Not necessarily, according to this MIT grad

i meant for entry levels or with little experience less than 2 years.

of course its an advantage, the alumni network alone should be able to open doors for you. granted im sure you still have to hustle to find a spot, the tools you have at your disposal (career svcs, alum’s, on campus recruiting, etc) are much better from a target school. though nothing is impossible, if you are dedicated to the search and are a good candidate you can/will get interviews. it just takes more effort but its possible.

I guess when you apply and they see your school is not the target, they simply throw your resume away, I dont think they take will give you a chance to prove to them that you are capable. That is why i also asked if CFA helps you in this matter.

Might have to spend a couple years and prove your worth in BO/MO and make connections or you can rob a bank and start your own firm! genY