Does L3 cover option pricing?

Guys I’m a L2 candidate and am interested in option pricing. Does L3 cover all the greek symbols?

L2 should cover all that “wonderful” greeks…I didn’t see any option pricing LOS in this year LIII material.

Yes you are correct. My apologies for not looking at the LOS

Won’t blame you, there are simpley too many LOS to go through. I would read a LOS 10 times and still not know what the heck I should learn from it.

Unfortunately no…

CFA_Halifax Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Unfortunately no… As “sick” as that sounds, I would have to somewhat agree with you. I rather answer questions that has a concrete answer instead of those essay question that can have 10 different correct versions of answer.

I am finding now that I have got going on Schweser that my wrists kills me quickly when answering short answer, I haven’t had to do a lot of writing since 2nd year of university when I took my last arts courses, or artsy business courses. Yeah, and obviously more definitive material is easier to prepare for. I like how L3 adds some balance to the program after two very quantitative non-subjective levels, but I just plain would like to learn more material (like option pricing). Perhaps down the road I’ll do a Masters in Finance or something…