Does PE/VC work count toward CFA work experience?

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I understand that PE/VC hiring doesnt really care about CFA because CFA is more relevant for public securities, However, my desire to work in analyzing public securities is fading, and I am wondering if PE/VC will count towards the work experience for CFA charter. The official work exp description is very vague. I am not certain if it must be public market work

I’m going to give you three guesses who you should direct this specific question to, but…


Yes it does - i am in PE/VC and my work experience was approved. I do real estate so mentioned the modelling aspect (DCF)

I am in PE since the last 10 years. My work experience was approved. Don’t worry about that.

Yes in a slam dunk! Exposure to the curriculum will quickly reveal that the CFA reach extends beyond publicly traded securities