Does Prefix Matter on Exam ID?

After reading this post ( , i checked my information with the CFA institute. Everything is fine except prefix on my passport.

Does prefix matters too?

On my passport it stated as : Mr. XXXXXXXX

but data on file with the institue ,it doesn’t state anything, its just my first name middle name and last name and other information.

do i need to submit an identification change form?

please help!!!

Email them asap! That thread is scary

yeah I emailed them asking the same question. let me see, what they have to say?

do anyone else have any idea regarding this?

This has got to be a joke. How do you remember to breathe at night?


First of all, I didn’t get what you are trying imply here, but here is one suggestion for you (I know you won’t gone take it but anyway) here it is: “If you can’t help, stop being smart. Nobody needs your intelligence here”.

Second, I don’t care how you take this because you have absolutely no idea how much effort it takes to go through the entire curriculum.

This is exactly why I don’t put my status under my name, it’s hilarious to see people who have no idea what they are talking about try to sound intelligent. I’m much further than you are in the program

I dont think that matters. Since you’ve emailed them they will reply plus I had some issues with the spellings of my name last year before appearing in Level I. CFAI updated my Exam ticket in a day. Interestingly when I enrolled for LII this year they hadn’t updated my profile regarding spellings. I emailed them with that form related to ammendments in the Identification along with the scanned copy of my passport. They immediately updated my records. Don’t be that much worried about it :slight_smile: Good Luck with Level I.

bartender, mohammad.belaal

thank you both for you inputs, and yes i emailed them,andbeen told that it doesn’t matter. If anyone looking at this please make sure that your name, dateofbirth, passport number, issuance of country exactly match with your passport deatils. please visit for more info.


“prevention is better than cure” and that’s why I asked this question. And you or anyone may interpret it as the way you or they want it. I don’t know, how much further you are into the program, but wherever you are; my best wishes for you.