Does Schweser offer live classes in Chicago?

And if so, do you know on what day of the week they’ve been held in the past and where. Also, do you still get the video CDs, similarly to Stalla? Thanks!

eh…the website would be a good place to start

Yes, I actually had seen that a while ago, but my addl questions were re: the day of the week on which the classes have been held in the past as well as video CDs etc. thank you kindly:)

The 3-day seminars are usually Friday - Sunday. The dates are on the website. If I recall correctly, the Chicago 3-day seminar is in early April this year. I don’t think you get the video CDs unless you order them in addition to the seminar. If you attend the seminar, you might get access to an archived seminar but you would have to check with Schweser on that.