does Schweser suck for level 3?

I know I have seen this topic before, but can’t seem to find it, as if you type Schweser into the search field, you get all the advertisements for mock exams and what not.

I am finding that the Schweser study materials for level 3 are just strange. The essay portions of their practice exams are not on point at all and feel very different than those from the CFAI previous exams. Even the multiple choice seems a bit off to me as well. I did a bunch of the problems on the CFAI website this morning, then decided to do a Schweser mock multiple choice section from their practice exam book and immediately could see that the way the questions are written and what not, are entirely different.

Does anyone else feel this way as well? (particularly on the multiple choice, I think ive read previous threads on how people hate the Scheweser essay questions). Or is it just me?

Material = 9/10

EOC Questions = 7/10

Mock Exams = 3/10

@cfa_mixer, 100% agree.

I tried using the Schweser mock exams and must say I am very disappointed with the quality of the material (having done two full exams). The AM section is just poorly writen and unlike old CFA institute AM exams. The PM section is slightly better, but I agree that the way the questions are written feels different to CFA material (mock exams and topic tests). But mainly the issue is the weak AM exams it feels like a waste of time…

I actually wanted to open a thread related to above - my follow up question would be what third party provider has the best AM exams available - I have heard analystninja mentioned a few times so would be good to get some feedback on that? Otherwise I am relying on CFA institute AM sections of prior exams as primary source, but would be good to have another source to mix it up!

I’m not too happy with the QBank. L2 Q bank was really good too.