Does the CFA teach you most of what you need to know?

Does the CFA teach you most of what you need to know to be a “good” financial analyst? Just wondering because I won’t be coming from a finance background, I’ll be getting a BA in economics most likely, should I be ok?

Not really.


No. But neither will your economics degree or even an MBA. Experience and real-world education are required.

does getting a degree in english literature makes you a good author?

does it make a difference?

Yes. It does. I am an engineer with no financial or accounting background.

I wanted to learn about economy, finance, derivates, bonds, stocks etc. And, i feel that CFA gave me what i was looking for.

100% bang on money !

Wow! I hope to learn about derivates and economy too!

Rule No. 1: Spell derivatives correctly. It doesn’t inspire confidence if you misspell the word you’ve learned all about.

Rule No. 2: Use economics, not economy in your example above.

Thanks brothers for pointing out my errors…

@CFAbeatmeup & @bujay

Good catch brothers…

I was mostly joking.

not really, it doesn’t teach you practical stuff that makes you stand out on the job, like… how to be really good at formatting (haha) and working in excel which you can just learn online anyway


how much CFAI pay you for this? lol


I wish if i get paid by CFAI for writing.

Extra cash does not hurt.

It cost me between $2,500 to $3,000.

CFA enrollment fee + Exam Registration fee + Online video tutorial fee + Scheweser Notes fee + Scheweser QBank fee + Gas usage charges from my apartment to the airport + Airport car parking fee+ Flight charges to the exam-city + Transportation charges in the exam-city + Hotel rent in the exam-city + Food charges.

So, i do want to get paid by CFAI for all the hassles.


classic hashtag I love it

yeah exactly I think he just did some coke and laughing gas with a bit of vaped 420 looking at the CFA chick on the cover with a smile on his face while writing this … marinate on that



It’s a solid foundation. Most people who pass level 2 haven’t internalized the vast majority of it. There’s just an enormous amount of material that if you consistently apply it you’d be pretty darn thorough. As someone who works in the industry… let’s just say far worse passes as “research.”

CFA teaches you half, the other half is taught in the water cooler

^ true story