does the exam happen in Asia or N. America first

or at the same time?

Our exam here in Hong Kong starts in 10 hours and 25 min, time to sleep!

is exam same all over world ? same q ?

if its the same q, doesnt that give people in one side an unfair advantage if they have friends who wrote the exam on the other side?

Not really, think of how long we will be in the exam room/setting… 9 hours. So by the time you are getting out in hong kong, we in the us would likely begin our commute to the testing center. That would leave maybe an extra hour or two to study the info provided by the person who got out of their exam in the far east and before we go in the US…not enough time.

And we all know thats against the code of conduct

Well technically, an hour gives a pretty good opportunity to run through the formulas and other stuff for the material covered in the test… should you happen to know it :slight_smile: