Does this sound like an I-Banking position?

I just got a call from a headhunter regarding an Investment Banking Analyst position at a BB in NY in their Derivatives group. Here is the job description: - Work closely with members of the team involved in control analysis, projects, and MIS. - Review Business Requirements documents and assist in drafting Documentation-specific user requirements Assist in User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and performance testing for system enhancements. - Help implement new systems features / processes: offer post implementation support. - Liaise with different areas of the business to gain knowledge of the way each project affects the current workflow within the documentation space Test and implement new or amended controls to close gaps and improve control in project-related MIS. - Assist in analysis of NY Derivative Documentations workflow and procedures to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness. - Contribute to development around derivative trade confirmation templates - Assist with the integration of new products into the Credit, Rates and Equity Derivatives operations space across all regions, focusing on the North American business. Even though the job title is “Investment Banking Analyst”, this sounds more like a derivative operations or a tech job to me. Any thoughts?

no – techish process improvement consulting (inhouse)

Its a Strategic Operations job… Run

This is more of Business Analyst thing.

That dbag tried convincing me it’s I-banking. It pays a ton though…$80K base for entry level

Is this your first job?

it would be my second…i graduated last year and have been working in investment management at a BB for a year.

this is a project management (Business Analyst) role for Global Markets Operations (back/middle office). Not IB but I have worked in Markets before and have had to assist these guys in trading platforms feeding through to the support divisons (i did a grad rotation in credit deriv trading). I believe they get paid well so why not see if you like it…you will interact with other teams in Markets so prob could move to the FO if you want to at a later date…

yup. its for a BA position

how much do you guys think I’ll actually learn about the derivative business in this position and why is the salary so high if it’s an entry level BA position?

what sort of headhunter service do you use?


you could learn a fair bit but this is on the ops side so you will not see how the products work as markets change etc. Your best bet would be to do this for a while and then move to a Business Manager role on a trading desk…

i agree with Seb25

Thanks all. I accepted the offer to interview for this position. I’ll hopefully have a better idea about the position next week when I interview.

I just interviewed for this position today and got a call a couple hours later for a second round. Met the HR person, an associate and 2 MDs. As most of you pointed out, this is a business analyst position but the team sits on the equity derivatives trading desk so it sounded a very hands-on position. Any ideas on what to expect in the second round for this type of a position? Who would I really be meeting in the second round given that I already met 2 MDs who run the group?

you may meet a Global/European head of the Equity trading division. If you are on the actual desk then this would be a very good role to start off in. I know a number of people who have started as trading assistants/Bus Managers and are now trading themselves (Derivatives trading) The interview will probably be in a similar format to the 1st one. Find out who you are interviewing with. I once had a second round interview with the same MD and CFA VP who absolutely grilled me to shreds after I coasted past the general chit chat first round interview.