Does your brain need a break

Mine does.

the information stuffed into my brain is starting to experience a very rapid degree of halflife

Both of my neurons are worn out.

my brain is toast

yeah it is depressing. I am having a hard time to focus. Not productive at all…

yup, luckily (actually unluckily, been unemployed for far too long) i have the whole day at hand to study, so i’m kinda taking it easy now, doing half a mock and revising it and doing some light revision on a topic that i’m not great at. derivatives and PM session of schweser practice exam book 2 tomorrow. gotta pick up the pace real soon though.

My, what big neurons you have.

I’ve actually been taking things pretty easy. I’ve averaged 74% on 5 schweser mocks so far so I feel good to go although, i know I might be having a false sense of confidence.

That is why I need some benevolent messiah on AF or CFA space to drop me the ELAN mocks smiley so I can gauge how really prepared I am.

The better to think you with, my dear.

I am incredibly burnt out and ready for this to be over with, one way or the other


Thank you for this thread in my life!

Haha! Hang in there, almost done.

Seriously !!! I was scoring better a couple of weeks back .What is wrong???

Mine already burnt out…

I have felt burnt out over the last week but now I am feeling good to go again

everyone needs a dose of NZT…:slight_smile:

or some adderall…

god i miss college.

Can’t stop watching NBA…

add to it my grandmom passed away 2 days back…cant focus at all!

Sorry for your loss :frowning: