Does your company pay for Schweser course?

Does anyone here get reimbursed for Schweser materials? I don’t know if I should try asking them.

yep-we get the basic package and registration…but have to pay it back if we fail which is fair…i think!

wow, u call this fair ? It would be fair if you can focus on your studies without being distracted by your assignments at work. Given that most ppl tend to work 8-12 h a day…I don’t see any fairness here.

2x2equals4, you sound like a whiny biatch. But to the OP question, I get everything reimbursed, even my travel expenses to/from my study course. The main purchases are the CFAI stuff, Schweser notes, and the three-day seminar. Pretty sure I have a blank check when it comes to any professional certification from my company, although I try not to press my luck. For instance, I didn’t go with the most expensive Schweser package, I chose the middle one. I’m thoughtful like that.

I get no help on supplemental materials. I get reimbursed for exams if I pass. Ain’t that a biatch… My firm did pay for my travel to the LI exam; however, I also didn’t have the choice of waiting until June to write when the exam was offered in my city. A blank check would be fantastic.

Yeah, it’s kind of nice. I buy it online and walk right over to the office manager with the receipt and get a check within five minutes; no forms to fill out, no hassle - it’s pretty sweet. Plus I get the credit card rewards.

lol, I submit receipts to an admin, who forwards it to budget, who forwards it to hr etc etc… takes about 2 weeks, but ya the credit card rewards are nice…

I’m arguing with my HR department now trying to get them to reimburse me for just registering for the exam. I think we are going to work it out where they will reimburse me if I pass.

I have a company credit card and can charge whatever I want. Books, class, travel to class (last year I did the Schweser 3 weekend seminar out of town, so they paid for airfare and hotel also). And I still f’n failed, so what does that say about my thick head?

Guessing that’s a rhetorical question…

No, not really. I pay for it out of my own pocket. At my previous job (when I took Level I) they paid the fees for some people but not for others (depending on their current job description). The irony is that I was the one who passed the Level I exam.

yep i work at lehman and they covered both my lev 2 registration and schweser materials (the $400 packge+exam book)

I had many discussions with HR prior to taking L1… They agreed when I pass they will pay for Registration, Schweser study package, and Harris course but if I fail there is no reimbursement. Either way I am expected to pay for my travel expenses. I appreciate the fact that my company is willing to pay for this… given I am not in a financial division.

My company will fire me if they know I take CFA exam.

My firm is under market in terms of comp and they know they’re getting a lot of work out of me for less pay so I think that’s the reason why they are footing the bill for CFA. I pretty much print out cost estimates of everything I think I’m going to need and then they hand me the shiney gold corporate Am Ex card. I guess it helps being in a small firm where no one there has the charter and no one else is taking it with me. I felt bad but then I learned that they upgrade their flights to first class for all the road shows which I’m sure adds up. There’s also a rumor going around that one of the managers expenses his wife’s quarterly botox injections. The measley $1200 for CFA stuff probably seems like nothing to them.

cfafrank Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My company will fire me if they know I take CFA > exam. Frank, you neet to make a run for it

My company pays all fees, Schweser books, travel(going to Windsor) if I pass…Half if I don’t. Its pretty sweet.

Unfortunately it’s not a requirement as a part of my job. I am a REALLY back office person at an IB. So I paid the whole thing my self. I passed L1 this December first time without assistance. Ill play the waiting game till my L2 exams are over…them…we shall see… Some day, some one is surly going to have to back pay for my exams. :slight_smile: Happy studying guys

Same here No assistance… and im in my first job out of Uni… so pay is not high too…Im bleeding… Hope someday i get reimbursed and hope taking this CFA really helps me land in an IB… im currently in the risk management side for a corporate firm