Does your firm give you "study days"

Hey guys- has anyone experienced this, where your firm gives you days to study but you dont have to use vacation days?

No. But sometimes, I would show up and pretend to work, but actually I was reading CFA material.

This. I recommend it.

Old firm gave 4 study days. Basically free vacation days to CFA candidates

My company paid for my CFA exams. So, if they gave extra vacation days, the obvious way to exploit the system would be to continually sign up for CFA exams but fail intentionally.

I got a week. And my previous employer gave me 2 weeks. I found myself sitting around at the end of the 2 weeks run out of material to study, lol.

For L2 and L3, I got study days. The L3 days fell during the closing of a devestiture, so I had to be on call, which wasn’t bad at all.

I work nights behind the glass at a gas station. I asked but they would not give me days off or pay for the exam.