Doing past paper

Pls advise what is the best sequence of doing past papers, from latest one to oldest one, say 2011,2010,2009… or from the oldest one to latest one. Thank you.

what’s the difference? just do them all

what’s the difference? just do them all

the best way is to do all the related question as the same time so you can see the way it’s asked and the difference.

so if you are doing the personal wealth section. Do all the question 1 from all past exams, not just the past 3 years, but all of it. including schweser practice exams etc.

you will get a better understanding than just doing once then skipping and doing another one.

once you do it, you will realize what I am talking about in regards to the difference ways the questions are approached. this goes with fixed income and other sections as well.

This is a good idea, I will do it from now.