dollar menuaire

2 mock exams = $100 dollars for 120 questions 2 sample exams =$80 dollars for 60 questions 180 questions for $180 dollars = $1 per question. Bet you won’t see that at McDonald’s!

A passing score on your June 7 exam…priceless.

Joey go to bed!!!

so we have 5 exams (including freebie) to test our knowledge for level 2. Just a question, what is the difference between the sample exams and the mock exams. Are the sample exams easier than the mock?

I think their pretty much the same with the mock ones being structured so that when paired they simulate a full exam experience.

thanks for the info black swan

Ahh…now I know the difference. Why can’t they name all of them “Mock” or “Sample”, have the same length and the same $$$?