Domo Arigato! Mr. Robato! Japan's deflation!

back in the 90s, Japan was going to take over the world!

then they had deflation for the next 3 decades!

No GDP Growth! their GDP has remained stagnant while the US tripled their GDP.

why do they suck? lets discuss!

Although it’s definitely consensus to think their economy sucks and that they’ve lost a couple decades, I can’t help but wonder if it really matters. Are they really so bad off as a result?

Well they’re still able to buy used panties from vending machines at all times, so I guess they’re doing something right.

In 30 years, Japan’s economy is going to be 70% healthcare for old people, and 20% old guys buying vending machine panties and jporn from the small minority of young people.

Anyway, the issue is going to be when 60% of Japan’s population is retired, the government has 80% taxes to pay for retiree support, and the country simply doesn’t have enough workers to generate real productivity. There will be a real impact on standards of living for everyone.

I think Japan should have a tax credit for adopting Chinese babies or something. They really need to increase immigration. I know those kids aren’t Japanese, like Japanese people like. But seriously, if you bring them up in Japan, no one is going to know.

i have no idea. but the idea that your gdp or teh amount you earn has gone nowhere for 30 years is quite appaling. why cant they stimulate their economy. with all these panties, you would think right.

how would you stimulate it?

I’m not too sure either side would be down with this plan.

I think the joke was in the last sentence.

There is a Chinese pirated version of every other thing - electronics, cars, software, Apple store, entire companies, err… meat… Basically name any single thing.

So, it’s pretty natural that the Chinese will offer a pirated human at some point. Mass produce in China, solve Japan’s demographic problem. Amiright?

Depending on the inflation measure, American earnings are also flat. I still think standard of living improved over that period.

Ohai makes valid points.

To be fair though per capita GDP has crept up at a snails pace owing to population decline. But yes, the overall situation is bad. It’s tough because the whole mindset of the population has shifted away from reproduction and growth in general. I guess my grandmother was right about too much videogames.

To raw raw’s point, the US real household income was flat from 2006 to 2015, but to Nerdy’s point, that was only for one decade and it sucked.

true that our incomes have not risen. but the us is still grew their productivity per capita. the diference bertween wagfes and productivity went to corporations. which is why are stock market is so baller.

anyways i actually think corporations are a more effiicent way to run the system. think about it. our incomes, how much can we really borrow from it as a multiple. not more than 5x usually. corporations, on the other hand, every dollar they retain as profit is a multiple of 20x. so i think corporations is a better way to finance everything.

by the way is demographics the definitive reason. i think its good, but i dont think its their sole problem. is there work ethic the issue?

Corporate structure is definitely more efficient than individuals from a risk dispersion perspective, but I am not sure if it is a good idea to encourage more leverage among individuals. Americans already have basically no savings.

What country are you saying has a work ethics issue? If everyone in any country suddenly became hardcore and worked twice as hard, I’m sure GDP would go up. However, there is a big utility cost from having people work more, so it’s unclear if better economy makes up for that.

None of the younger generation has any sex drive so that kinda just kills any reason for advancement or innovation or betterment right there

i thought the japanese were known for some weird fetishes.

for example. at a convenience store. porn at the back of the store. albeit the nipples are blurred. still pretty raunchy!

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