Don the Con: From Russia With Love

Well if they are going to sweep this under the rug i would certainly hope he does. Im sure trustworthy wikileaks will be all over this one riiigh… oh yea. He shouldnt need to leak it, this should be going on in an open manner because it needs to be transparent so that whatever end game it comes to people accept it. TBH if they came out and impeached trump and didnt provide the public anything his supporters would be right to flip out. If they clear him, evidence needs to be provided as well. This isnt just going away, the people have a right to know either way. We need a real, open, independant/bi-partisan investigation

Flynn seeks immunity:

“Mr Flynn’s lawyer said on Thursday that the former general had offered to testify in the House and Senate Intelligence Committees’ hearings on Russia, only if he had reasonable assurances that he would not be targeted for prosecution.”

“When you are given immunity, it means you probably committed a crime” - Michael T. Flynn. :neutral_face:

So it is your position that HRC’s staffers committed crimes?

You’re partisanship is showing. Sure, most likely they did. However, I’m currently most concerned with the guys who have the power to wipe humanity off the face of the earth and are colluding with a state that is hostile to the US :angry:

I have never hidden my distaste for HRC, as she is the poster child for corrupt politicians who will do almost anything to stay in power to enrich themselves. Have never been a Trump supporter, never will be, and there was nothing in my post expressing support for anyone in the Trump administration.

Honestly i hope this is all true just for the sake of the fact that it would make such a ridiculous movie, only thing to cap it off would be DJT sitting in the Oval Office slouched over having shot himself. Dramatic music plays out. Could do it with some 70’s rock, prob a stones song, with a bunch of the main guys getting arrested/offing themselves.

In all reality I would just love to see the video of DJT pissing on someone, hopefully Chappelle would do a reboot of his ignition remix w/ Alec Baldwin

In that case, higgmond, keep your eye on the ball and don’t let your justice boner for HRC cloud the reality of what is happening now :bulb:.

I’m curious as to why you took his post which consisted entirely of a link and quotes and turned it into an HRC question though. Where in his post did he support HRC? Or even mention her?

^^ HRC is irrelevant. The only thing that made her relevant to this conversation is that you introduced a quote that was made in reference to her staffers. If anyone in the Trump administration, including President Trump himself, is guilty of a serious crime, they should most certainly pay the appropriate price. I’ve not heard Mike Pence’s name brought up in connection with anything bad, so if Trump is impeached or otherwise forced to resign, so be it. I’m sure the much more conservative Pence will have a far easier time getting things through the house. If he’s implicated as well, President Ryan has a pretty nice ring to it.

The quote was made by Flynn in reference to HRC’s staffers seeking and receiving immunity for their testimony in the private server investigation.

“This is something that is currently happening.”

“Yeah but Hillary tho.”


^ which is why Flynn’s quote is the height of hypocrisy :bulb:


Never said it wasn’t.

So they finally got HRC?! Lock her up already!

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Yawn. I’d like to take a step back and point out this petty thing Americans do is boring.

“Someone said one thing, and then later they did a different thing, let’s make some memes and post on the internet, pretending we are smart”. Wrong you’re not smart. And also, who cares. This stuff is so stupid, both parties do it, but especially Dems.

What Dems should be worried about is why he is voluntarily seeking to “help”. Was he forced to or something??? Always suspect a Bannon trap, always. The overconfidence is how Dems keep losing.

Another big one today. This is playing out exactly as I called it, pay attention. :grin:

Donny Jr. says he met with the Russians not to obtain the leaked emails but to obtain damaging info on HRC colluding with the Russians. Of course, in order to get this info Donnie would need to collide with the Russians :bulb:


Time to jail these boyos, Clock is ticking

Who saw merkel rolling her eyes at putin? Lol, bear riding midget thinks hes hot shit. Just a matter of time till he too gets hung by the neck like every dictator before him

Since the company this Russian lawyer worked for had a suit filed against it by Bahara (later fired by DJT) this does seem to be another piece of damaging circumstantial evidence. Maybe the noose is tightening.