donald trump??

anyone know what’s going on with donald trump??.. trying to figure out what he actually has his wealth invested in… i was thinking manhattan real estate, atlantic city casinos and high end golf development. but i wasn’t sure if he was putting his money up or using simply his name (or most likely a combination). anyway, alot of the high yield stuff he was associated with was getting killed before everything else. so that can’t be good. now manhattan real estate must be getting destroyed. does anyone have any actual insight? in contrast to me!.. LOL… thanks in advance!!!

He’s building an apartment building in Stamford. The building crew dropped a cinder block or ssomething from 20+ stories up and it hit the back of a postal delivery truck. The driver was shaken but unhurt. The town nearly closed down the project.

Have a look at this…amazing!! Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal has been described as the “biggest single loser” of the downturn after he lost GBP20bn in the four- month share-price crash which has left world economies spinning. Mr Mittal’s biggest losses were in the Arcelor Mittal steel empire, but the tycoon is also a major holder in Goldman Sachs, whose value has halved on Wall Street in the past 12 months. Mr Mittal, Britain’s richest man, also holds a 20per cent stake in Queens Park Rangers Football Club. He has seen further losses on his investment in RAB Capital, the hedge fund group which invested heavily in Northern Rock before it collapsed and was nationalised. (Source: The Herald)

or this. russia’s oligarch’s down $230 billion